Peace Chamber, Sweat Lodge, and Dance Arbor

Tucson, Arizona

Elder and Keeper – Jane Innmon

5284 W Sweetwater Drive

Tucson AZ 85745

(520) 204-1459

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Sweet Beautiful Waters Lodge

Jane Innmon Hawk

The Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Chamber, named by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is nestled in the spectacular Tucson Mountains on 5 acres of gloriously cacti speckled land.

February 20th 2012, on a New Moon, Keith Hagberry from Colorado, Jack Gillette from Pennsylvania, and Jane and Pat Innmon began excavation and Sweet Beautiful Waters unfolded into manifestation!

Sweet Beautiful Waters has a reddish Earthen floor; one of the only places to walk barefoot, prickle free, in this cacti-speckled-mountainous-desert! It holds the marvelous shape of an egg and the smooth, creamy-colored Chamber walls adorn many delicious pieces of original artwork by Mystic, Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow!

Wren Dance Arbor

The acoustics are marvelous; not too reverberant and not dead…just perfect for chanting and the wafting of Native American Flute vibrations! When sitting Zazen in the Chamber, I experienced a deep healing serene Stillness! Quite remarkable!

Ceremonies on the Sweet Beautiful Waters Land:

  1. Sweat Lodges
  2. Fire Ceremony: The 7th day of Each Month starting at 7pm (drumming and chanting begin at 6:15 and fire is lit at 7pm). A world-wide community does the Fire Ceremony every month on the 7th at 7pm. Some light a fire and others light a candle, and ALL join together in this Ceremony to purify the Oceans of the Earth (the literal Oceans and the Oceans of all Sentients).
  3. Long Dances: the first Long dance on this Sacred Land was Sept. 19 & 20 2015
  4. Sun Moon: The First Sun Moon will be April 15-18, 2016
  5. Women’s Full Moon Drumming Circles
  6. Men’s monthly drumming circles
  7. Private Healing Times in Chamber

Thrasher  Saguaro on hill Desert Hillside Cactus Closeup Cactus Closeup Cactus Closeup Saguaro Saguaros Lone Saguaro Saguaro Hillside Cholla on Hilside Saguaro and cholla on hillside Saguaros on hill Desert hills Sweat Beautiful Waters Peace Chamber Sweat Beautiful Waters Lodge Sweat Beautiful Lodge and Dance Arbor Dance Arbor Outside Dance Arbor Sweat Lodge and Saguaro Outside Dance Area