Yucca Valley, California


Elder and Keeper-Valerie Eagle-Heart Meyer

 High Desert…Coyotes...Joshua Trees…Ant Nations…Wingeds…Cacti…Fantastic Sunrises and Sunsets…Thundering Tempests…BIG SKY…The Luminous Galaxy…
Here is the place where I met the incredibly compassionate Elder and Sun Moon Dance Chief, Grandmother Eagle-Heart, and Inter-Danced the Sun Moon, in a Sacred Arbor, floating through this Phenomenal Universe!!!
Sun Moon Dancing at Rainbow’s End
Initiation…embodiment…right action 
Dances Sacred Drifting into BEING
High Desert
Coyote Medicine Sings
Wise Joshua Trees extend
prayerful rejoicing limbs to the Heavens
Smoldering White Sage and Sweat Lodge
 purify and open…
body, spirit-heart, mind
Prayer Ties to set intention aflame
Wisdom takes my hand
in Sunwise motion
leading me to the placement
of North-West
White shrouded light-beings…
Two-leggeds walking Sunwise; One organism
Cornmeal Offerings…Nourishes
Sacred Elements
 Blessed Directions
the Buffalo alter beautifully adorned
the Sacred Center Tree of LIFE
Pulsing of Drum…
enters heart-space
Flows through form
Dancing the Heart of Mevlana and Earth Mother
Intentions lifted up
Ancestral Wisdom called upon
First Sunrise
White Shrouded Silence
faces  East
An offering of cornmeal…in place
Glorious Brother Sun peeks over high desert
greeting ALL Sentient Beings
Man Deer’s and Brother Sun’s Blessings
Warming Hearts
Liquefying Embodied
Deep Touching of Spirit
“The Subtle Source is Clear and Bright”
Bathed in Constellations
Wondrous illuminations...extraOrdinaire!
Resisting slumber 
Orion floats from Northeast to Southwest
Dark Moon…luminous starlight…
Path of Milky Way pours from Breath
Emerging from Silence
Symphonic sonorities of snoring
A phrase of dissonance
A cadence
A harmonic unison
Continuing humorous cyclical vibrations
Early morning…the Trio sings…
Venus shines gloriously
Mars just below
A Sliver of Illumination
First and second mornings
a slim sliver of Sister Moon…
her lit portal
through the gateway to the Heavens
“Maha Prajna Paramita!”
Third and fourth mornings…
She is Dark
“tributary streams flow through the darkness”
Second Sun
A Dance is severed
Emotions flow as energy
Wisdom hears the longing cries
to sing her song
to dance her dance
Second Moon
Communion with Wisdom
Walking Moonwise…
…reversing vitiation 
“Not one, Not two.”
A conduit of Spirit
The physical Dance complete
…to Dance the Dream Awake!!!
Spiral of cloud and Universe
Pours from center
Out to the ONE…the BELOVED
Returned and Received 
through the sweetest drink of Light…
The Portal opens…
 High Desert Energies at Rainbow’s End
Thunder roars…
Fire strikes and illuminates Big Sky…
Earth vibrates…
Heart’s Alive!!!!
Double Rainbow…Inspiration…HU