Soundwater Peace Chamber Community


Edinburgh, Scotland

Elders/Keepers/Builders: Jacqui Munday and Martin Fisher

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In Early April, 2017, I boarded a train from Inverness to Edinburgh, Scotland, breathing in the wild and magnificent Scottish landscapes, feeling a sense of peace and awe as the train gently rocked back and forth, swiftly rumbling along the tracks. I was headed to the third destination on this Sacred Drift: The Soundwater Peace Chamber Community.


Upon arriving into the Edinburgh train station, I had some time to explore this magnificent, bustling, architectural beauty-of–a-train station, before my hosts, Jacqui Munday and Martin Fisher arrived to take me to Soundwater…   I had no idea what was in store for these senses above ground…

Jacqui and Martin spotted me in the train station, sitting next to the colorful wool-clad flute case, and figured that I was the Sacred Drifter come to Drift in their community. They greeted me with a warm and cheery demeanor and I reveled in their soft English accents! Before heading to the Soundwater Land, Martin graciously gave us an expeditious tour around the Edinburgh castle. It was night, and the city lights lit up the formidable and magnificent architectural figures of the exquisitely sculpted stone buildings and Castle, leaving me absolutely breathless and electrically enthusiastic to explore Edinburgh in the daylight!


  Jacqui and Martin have cultivated their lives for 20 years on the Soundwater land in Scotland, where their two children, the waters, gardens, horses, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, and sheep have been nurtured.

There is a Sacred Pool of Waters on this land where Jacqui spends time in meditation, ceremony and harnessing the waters for her Sound Essences. This Soundwater Pool and Land has energetic links to the following illuminating communities:

I highly recommend taking a peek at these sites and if you are ever in Scotland, visiting them.

Jacqui, Martin and the Soundwater Community hold various Ceremonies, Workshops and Festivals on the Land:

  • Fire Ceremony: given by Grandfather, Beautiful Painted Arrow, and experienced throughout the World Peace Chambers on the 7th of each month at 7pm, to purify the literal Oceans and the Oceans of Sentient Beings.
  • 12 nights conscience meditation in December
  • Workshops; blacksmith instrument maker; meditation; exploring the nature of water/flow forms; workshops that bring one closer to nature through crafts
  • Marriages
  • Shamanic and varied retreats

In the winter of 2013, Jacqui was meditating and reflecting on how she was to bring into service the Sound Healing techniques she had developed, and decided that she needed to build a Sound Chamber. After reading Being and Vibration and a friend’s copy of House of Shattering Light by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, Jacqui felt sustained by Joseph’s paintings and inspired by his Sound Chamber Vision. She then contacted three Sound Chamber Keepers in the UK. Ocean Graham and Stella Longland, two Chamber Keepers with Sound Chambers in Scotland, responded. Martin and Jacqui then decided to go on a Sound Chamber exploration. They went to Skye to experience Ocean and Scotty’s Isle of Skye Sound Chamber, and then they journeyed to meet Stella and the Cave of Clay Sound Chamber. Jacqui and Martin were also influenced by the Nature Sanctuary at Findhorn, also a lovely Sound Chamber in it’s own “rite”.

In the Autumn of 2014, Scotty, Ocean, Stella and her Community, ventured to the Soundwater land and blessed the site for the Sound Chamber. In February of 2015 ground was broken, and the birthing of Soundwater was on it way. Jacqui stated, “This is an energetically quiet and slowly unfolding chamber.” Now sitting with the design and looking at the energetic Sacred Geometry of the surrounding Earth Spaces, Jacqui is contemplating an outside oval form and a hexagonal interior.

 As this Sound/Peace Chamber is in the process of being built, Jacqui and I conducted two Sound Activation Ceremonies; one at the Sacred Soundwater Pool and another, with some of her community members, at the Chamber site, connecting the two sites energetically. A large rose-quartz stone was gifted to Jacqui by Lucas in Germany, and delivered by a Chief of the Dance, Denise. It was placed in the center of the now ‘open-air’ Soundwater Sound Chamber for the Ceremony.

Within the Soundwater Community, I had the honor of engaging in Sound Journey with 4 luminous open-heart-minded beings in the healing space of Jacqui and Martin’s home. Thank you all for the opportunity to share these experiences with you. Your Life is My Gift!!!


Jacqui was grown in the pastoral countryside of Buckinghamshire, England. As a young woman she studied art and dance, and then took it into therapies. Jacqui then studied and worked in the field of Psychotherapy for many years, and for 20 years she has been engaged in the field of Biodynamics. A form of agriculture, Biodynamics is a method inspiring a view of nature as a dynamic interconnected organism, an inter-dependent whole graced with archetypal rhythm. For Jacqui Biodynamics is akin to being “in relationship to, in conversation with, the land, plants, water and the Earth.”

For the past 10 years, Jacqui has been working with sound and tuning forks aiding individual clients and communities, helping them to release traumas, and facilitate their spiritual journeys. This has been aided by the development and use of 7 sound essences. “Small miracles have happened here.” “Little seeds of inspiration are picked up and people can take the seeds with them and plant them how they choose to.”

In addition to this active exciting life, Jacqui is Mother of two grown offspring and is a married partner to Martin Fisher.

I found Martin to be quite the jovial and creative chap, a connected and supportive partner to Jacqui, as he “desires to help her realize her dream.” When interviewing Martin he stated, “We are blessed with being in an amazing location and with the means of creating something very interesting.” “I’m really interested in the people when they come, and enjoy participating in the ceremonies.”

Martin studied math, physics and chemistry in school. He is creating a type of Geothermal heating that will heat the Soundwater Chamber and is also, co-designer and builder.

Martin and Jacqui first met at a dance/jazz club in London. He enjoyed raising his son and daughter with Jacqui, and enjoys a daughter from his first marriage. Martin’s sound studies have connected him to Jacqui through her interest in sound healing, dancing and art.

Martin earns a living as an entrepreneur, and TV producer, creative writer, director, sound engineer, and cameraman for the BBC, producing mostly children’s programs that enrich their minds and desire to learn. He has been involved with the making of the following BBC programs as well; The Good Life, Poldark, Top of the Pops, Tomorrow’s World — a live Science program, and lots of Comedy. “I am fortunate to have been able to earn a living from my hobby,” he mused.

Martin has traveled around the world, and has many interests, enjoying writing comedy, thinking in three dimensions, and using his wide and varied skills. He stated, “I am very practical and can utilize my skills anywhere.” In fact, while I was Drifting in his midst, I witnessed him fixing the toilets and working around the Soundwater land, as well as being a gracious host.


  Exploring the cities of Inverness and Edinburgh felt like being time warped into some other unknowable magical place; reveling in the vocal accents from all over the Earth, “Be-ing the noise” of the left side driving traffic (double decker busses and all), and absorbing the magnificence of the Architecture and Culture! I spent a spectacular day in Edinburgh with a lovely woman who offered to show me around. I marveled at the incredible architecture along the bus rides around Edinburgh, and continuously as we walked along the streets of Old Edinburgh. Every turned corner brought some new delight into view. WOW!!! The photos do not do the City of Edinburgh justice, and one can only get a tiny fraction of the experience through them. What a spectacular city!!! My new friend, Karen, and I scoped out the city’s music stores looking for a Bodhran (a traditional Celtic frame drum). Although I enjoyed playing a variety of Bodhrans and meeting local musicians, I did not find what I was looking for, and so, we decided to walk around and then enjoyed a delicious leisurely lunch at THE ELEPHANT HOUSE, off historic Victoria street and overlooking Edinburgh Castle.   The Elephant House is known as the birthplace of Harry Potter, where J.K. Rawlins and other writers love to come and write. What a delicious thrill!

There is much more to ‘devour’ in Scotland, and if I ever have the opportunity to return, I will chew on some more savory and sweet morsels that Scotland has to offer.


  • Thank you Jacqui and Martin for your kind hospitality, for sharing in Ceremony, hosting the Sacred Drift and for the delicious meals. Blessings to you as you create the Soundwater Sound Chamber.
  • Thank you Karen for your gracious supportive friendship and the tour of Edinburgh.