Sacred Arrow Peace Chamber

Ontario, Canada

Builder/Elder-Owen James

798 Eddystone Rd.

Grafton, On. K0K2G0 Canada


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Cradled in a mature towering forest of white pine tree-people, and poison ivy guardians, vibrates the Sacred Arrow Peace Chamber and a mostly completed Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi.

It is the end of Summer, 2016, and this Sacred Drifter is dancing her dance with the Sacred Arrow Peace Chamber Community; Grafton, Ontario, Canada.

Touching the Earth Spaces daily, with eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind, I found the surrounding countryside to be GLORIOUS! There is serene rolling farmland bordered by groves of fruiting apple trees, bespeckled with cows, alpacas, chipmunks, chickens, horses, charming barns, and grain silos with incredible character. Tributary streams trickling through pine and deciduous forests, are home to soaring vultures, chattering black and red squirrels, nuthatches, chickadees, thrushes and cardinals. There are marshy swamplands with boarding cattails, a scattering of aged tree stumps, gaggles of geese grazing upon the algae, and herons hunting for fish and amphibians. In the early mornings, when touching the Earth via, a run, there was wafting of mists that left me feeling as if I was in a faery tale or in Avalon, (the legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend). With the magic of nightfall, the cricket symphonies, the coyote calls, the migrating un-seeable honking geese and the stellular cosmos enveloped me in a deep sense of wonder!

Owen James, the Builder and Elder of Sacred Arrow Peace Chamber and Dance Arbors, resides near the Peace Chamber, on a charming hilly farm with a barn, chickens, lush vegetable and flower gardens, a still pond headed by a mermaid guardian surrounded by forests and groves of apple trees, and beautiful forest trails leading to concealed alcoves and more. The Sacred Arrow Sound/Peace Chamber is a three-minute walk down the road from the farm. To read more about the building of this beautiful chamber and the life of it’s builder, visit Owen’s website.

While Sacred Drifting with the community of the Sacred Arrow Peace Chamber, many Sound Journeys were experienced, and something very interesting occurred. The Sacred Arrow Sound/Peace Chamber vibrates at a low D frequency. She sang to me during most of the Sound Journeys! The first chamber where I experienced this phenomena!!!

In addition to giving Sound Journeys, I bore witness to a Santo Daime work, led by Owen James, and facilitated several Sacred Ceremonies: a Full Moon Ceremony; a Zazenkai (a day of Zazen practice) which included a 3 hour work practice (samu) to clean in and around the Peace Chamber; The Fire Ceremony, given by Grandfather, Beautiful Painted Arrow, and experienced throughout the World Peace Chambers on the 7th of each month at 7pm, to purify the literal Oceans and the Oceans of Sentient Beings; A peaceful and touching sunrise ceremony to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

I give heartfelt note to two lovely Be-ings and my consummate hosts, John and Fatima. These two lovely two-leggeds, upon my arrival greeted me warmly and graciously and then proceeded to be of Selfless Service to the Sacred Drift in a myriad of ways, including participating in all the above ceremonies. Fatima and John will be facilitating the Fire Ceremony each month!

One final note of interest: John took Fatima and me to the Peterborough Kinoomaagewaabkong “The Teaching Rocks” an indigenous Petroglyph site in Ontario. I spotted a carving in the rock that closely resembled the Ojibwa markings on one of the Raven Bear Shamanic flutes and asked the Ranger about what I perceived. We were then gifted with a beautiful tour from a knowledgeable ranger and more significance and integration of the Sacred Drift resulted!