Sweat Lodge, Dance Land and a Peace Chamber in Gestation

Hope, Maine

Elder and Keeper – Carla Sanders

379 Hatchet Mountain Road

Hope, Maine 04847

(207) 712-7310

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Carla Sanders, a woman of versatile fiery passion, is a dynamic artist, a healer who works with Feminine Empowerment and Sexual Healing. She is a dedicated Dancer in the lineage of Grandfather, Beautiful Painted Arrow and the Women’s Web of Life Dance. She has danced 8 Sun Moon Dances, 7 long dances, 2 Women’s Web of Life dances in New York and co-chiefed a Women's Web of Life on Hope Peace Land. She served as Dog Soldier for 3 years in West Virginia.


Of her initiation into feminine empowerment and the call to dance, Carla says, “It was as if two strands of DNA spiraled together in me; distinctly different medicines and yet coherent in their vibration.”

Carla first came to The Dance in 2000, by the way of her dear friend, Lindsley Field, who sponsored, the Maine Sun-Moon Dance, chief-ed by Peter Howe. She said, “she was blessed to be initiated in sweat lodge leadership through Elder, Jeanette Micoleau, who has been Grandfather, Beautiful Painted Arrow's student since his first Mystery School and Sun Moon, Drum and Long Dances.”

After Carla’s second Sun Moon Dance, deep inspiration struck, and she had a vision to build a Peace Chamber on the Hope Peace Earth Space. Carla and the Hope Peace Community built a Sweat Lodge and have held consistent Lodges ever since. The Long Dance chief-ed by Linsdley Field, held the vision.

As an Artist, Carla has painted the Peace Chamber vision. (see the four phases of the Hope Peace Chamber that is currently in the “Dream State”/Gestation phase.)

Galaxy Lover  Galaxy Waiting  Galaxy Birth  Galaxy Baby
  1. Galaxy Lover
  2. Galaxy Waiting 
  3. Galaxy Birth 
  4. Galaxy Baby

The Earth Space of the Hope Peace Community, where Carla is care-taker and holder of the land, dance space, sweat lodge, gardens, apple-ing trees, and the charming historic farm house is located just outside the quaint rural town of Hope, Maine, and a mere 15 minute drive to the stunning, coastal-harbor town of Camden, Maine. To my delight, directly across the street from Carla’s farmhouse, rests The Broadview Farm; Horses With Hope, Equine Rescue. Now THERE is amazing feng shui energy in the neighborhood, eh!

In October of 2016, I Sacred Drifted with this incredibly wise community offering Sound Journeys and breathing in the fiery foliage, the cool mornings, the sounds of birds, a braying donkey and acorns crashing through the foliage and bouncing off the Earth, and the sea air. The apple-ing was delightful…red, juicy and sweet to the tongue, nose, and eye!

Carla and her beloved partner, Charlie, were warm, welcoming, consummate hosts, feeding me local and organic tasty meals (fine chefs!). Carla took me on a tour of Camden, and the Mountain overlooking the Camden Harbor with it’s surrounding hilly vestiges, turning brilliant autumnal colors. Here, on the summit of this glorious Earth Space, we watched the setting of Brother Sun. We spent the evening at the water’s edge of Lake Megunticook, watching Venus and Crescent Sister Moon set behind the mountains, listening to a porcupine and stargazing! We had the opportunity to hear and see a blue heron, in the dim light of dusk, fishing, and then, taking flight while croaking out it’s unusual call… the first time that Carla and I had actually heard this majestic bird’s call! It was such a special intimate connection with my Spirit Sista’, Carla, and all of Life in those moments. Thank You, Dear Heart!!!

As life unfolds in unexpected ways, with the ups and downs and round and rounds, the Peace Chamber remains in the viable “Dream State”. With the energies of a community that moved around the world for a span of years and is now returning alive and vibrant, the vision is slowly unfolding and the saga continues….

Ceremonies of the Hope Peace Land:

  1. Sweat Lodges 
  2. Fire Ceremony: The 7th day of Each Month at 7pm. (drumming and chanting before the fire is lit at 7pm)
  3.  Long Dances 
  4. Womens’s Web of Life Dances
  5. Work days (“Work is our Worship”, Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow)