Bowl Lisamarie McGrath – World Flutes
Christopher Kulp – Ethnic Percussion

The ensemble of MYSTIC PULSE is a unique and harmonious blend of world flutes and ethnic percussion, manifested to release stress and anxiety while connecting oneself to a sacred center. Combining poetry and sound, during yoga classes, meditation practices and Reiki sessions, in concert, for spiritual, religious and healing events, the dynamic Musicians of MYSTIC PULSE embody a rare musical sensitivity and creative verve, with the intention of moving their audience into the delightful, magnificent present moment!


Performing in the arena of Healing has been a part of my entire music career.  Throughout the Mid Atlantic Area, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Michigan, New York, Maine, Canada  India, South Africa and Turkey, I have engaged my services in Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities, Mental Institutions, in Private Residences and more. Recently I've been asked to share my music with people who are facing major life transitions and challenges.  I have been honored with opportunities to play soothing wooden Native American Flutes and the Orchestral flute at the bedside of individuals who are in the dying process at University Hospital, Mercy Fitzgerald Vitas and Methodist Vitas Hospices.  I also have had the privilege of playing for people who are grieving the loss of a family member or friend.  These experiences have made me vividly aware of the value of instrumental music during life transitions and I have witnessed firsthand music’s unique healing properties.

My heart’s mission is to bring healing music to those who need it most, whether it manifests in Hospice, a Yoga/Reiki Session, in One on One Sound Journeys or in Concert. The manifestation of MYSTIC PULSE has been a part of this journey. If you would like to hire the Musicians of MYSTIC PULSE to enhance any occasion, please contact me.


Growing up with a mother who performed on piano and guitar, Chris began his musical voyage around the age of 13, with private lessons on piano and drums. His interest in music led Chris to drumming in bands with friends, playing drums and percussion for various school ensembles and in 1993 he entered the music education program at West Chester University. With the University’s percussion ensemble Chris was first exposed to hand drumming and world percussion, through concerts and tour performances.

Since receiving his degree in Music Education in 1997, Chris has free-lanced throughout the Philadelphia region playing drums for a few cover rock bands, but has mainly been dedicated to playing drums, percussion, and even some guitar and brass for original, underground bands in the Philadelphia region that have carried such labels as folk punk, progressive punk and progressive metal. Some of these bands include Mischief Brew, Wally (of West Philly), Red Devil (of West Philly) and Forest Kingdom. He has performed on recordings and has gone on tours. Chris has taught many private students over the years and from 2001 to the present, has worked as an elementary band and orchestra director. His current musical interests lay in continuing to perform with the original bands, as well as experiencing hand drumming and world percussion through performance and continued study. In 2013 Chris was invited to join the musicians of MYSTIC PULSE, adding his unique essence and talents to the diverse mixtures of flute and ethnic percussion sounds.

Chris resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia where he spends the rest of his time with his wife and two children, and as a student of Zen Buddhism.