Recently I've been asked to share my music with people who are facing major life transitions and challenges.  I have been honored to play soothing wooden Native American Flutes and the Orchestral flute at the bedside of individuals who are in the dying process.  I also have had the privilege of playing for people who are grieving the loss of a family member or friend.   These experiences have made me vividly aware of the value of instrumental music during life transitions and I have witnessed firsthand music’s unique healing properties.

 My mission is to bring healing music to those who need it most.  Please contact me to explore together how music can help bring calm and healing during some of life’s most difficult times.  

In addition to working directly with individuals, I also partner with professionals who help families plan meaningful and personal funerals and memorial services. I am finding that Funeral Services Professionals are open to incorporating my music in the repertoire of services they can offer to grieving families.  For more information on this aspect of my work, please look at an open letter to Funeral Service Professionals that I recently sent to selected professionals in our area.