Concert Review in Local Life March 8, 2013 by Michael Caruso (AT WOODMERE)

Chestnut Hill’s Woodmere Art Museum presented flutist Lisamarie McGrath and cellist Jeffrey Solow in recital Sunday, Feb. 24. Their program opened with Solow’s own transcription for flute and cello of Beethoven’s “Sonata for Two Flutes,” continued with Telemann’s “Sonata in E minor,” Villa-Lobos’ “Assobiio a Jato,” three preludes drawn from Bach’s “Suites for Solo Cello,” and concluded with Yuko Uebayashi’s “Suite for Flute and Violincello.”

Solow explained that Beethoven composed his “Sonata for Two Flutes” just prior to leaving his native Bonn for Vienna in 1792. Although there were a few awkward moments due to the cello’s range falling so far lower than that of the second flute part, McGrath’s tone was appealing.

McGrath and Solow were heard to better advantage in the Telemann. Although the composer is often considered merely a journeyman compared to contemporaries Bach or Handel, the “Sonata in E minor” is a lovely score, and both musicians played it strongly yet sensitively

Many friends, collegues and associates have been generous with their praises of my talents.  Here are a few:

Dear Lisamarie,
... You have realy been a true ambassador of peace through you music. I still can not forget the native twin flute you played at the old capital of the Mughal Empire (India). It was truly majestic.
My prayers and good wishes for your Performance.
...with lot of affection
Deepak Dan- Travel Guide Extraordinaire for the Taj Mahal and Akbar's Palace/Indiawink

Regarding Shocker’s OUT OF DOORS DUETS; “they are lovely pieces and the playing is great!”
Kile Smith – WRTI -Now is the Time, March 24, 2013

Regarding the NFA Flute Convention, August of 2009 Performances of Katherine Hoover’s Winter Spirits and Jaques Ibert’s Jeux; “Your performances were very impression for me. Your music is very sensitive, tender and pure. And then you have a lot of colors of sounds”
Yuko Uebayashi – Composer

Regarding the CD The Colors Fall; “I enjoyed listening to your CD. I think you are a very sensitive musician, you have a beautiful tone and your program is very interesting. You are also able to change style of mood…your CD sounds great! Brava bella ragazza!”
Jean Ferrandis – Flutist, Conductor and Master Instructor

Regarding the CD Unimagined Bridges…Fountain of Consciousness; “WOW! Your music is beyond the imagination! It’s amazing, beautiful and powerful! “ I’m blown away…
Susanella Noble – Flutist

Regarding the CD release recital of Unimagined Bridges…; “…the concert was wonderful. The sounds that came out of some of those Native American flutes sent a frisson of delight up my spine.”
Lisa Qvarnstrom – music and cultural appreciator

Regarding the CD The Colors Fall; “I have listened to the whole thing and it is really wonderful. You sound really great on it, especially your beautiful sound! I also like very much the musical program. “
David Cramer – Flutist/Philadelphia Orchestra

Regarding the CD The Colors Fall; “ Congratulations! Brava! It’s excellent. You even sold me on the Copland…it seldom gets a truly musical ensemble performance from both pianist and flutist. I think you’ve done a terrific job. Beautiful sound, excellent interpretations – I’m most happily impressed…Congrats on a fine job!
Katherine Hoover – Composer/Flutist

Regarding the CD The Colors Fall; “I was thrilled to get your CD’s and so delighted to hear you playing so beautifully! I’ve been sharing with everyone and making friends and strangers listen!”
Susanella Noble – Flutist

Regarding the live performance of MYSTIC PULSE: “My soul was so deeply touched by the haunting melodies of your Native American flute, as the rhythms of Mystic Pulse resonated with my music sensibilities; a truly mesmerizing performance for which I'm grateful to have been in attendance!” Steve Rudner – Music appreciator