My second CD:
Unimagined Bridges...Fountain
of Consciousness
CD Available Free at Lisamarie's Native Flute performances (while supplies last)
This CD is dedicated and lovingly offered to ALL my Relations.  The four legged, the winged, the two legged, the bug creatures, the ocean dwellers, the rock people, the trees, all green growing things, our incredible and beautiful Mother Earth and to the awe-inspiring Universe.  That upon these waves of sound carries the vibrational intentions of Love, Light, Healing, Peace and Purpose.  
Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all one).
Unimagined Bridges...Fountain of Consciousness Unimagined Bridges

Earth Meditations MP3 by Lisamarie McGrath, 24:03
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Note - this piece has wide dynamic contrasts and starts softly.  Be sure to turn your volume up!

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