A native of Colorado, Lisamarie McGrath began her flute studies at 15 years of age with soloist and chamber musician, Susanella Noble.  Lisamarie journeyed to the East Coast in 1985 to study flute with renowned principal flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Murray Panitz and in 1989 she received her Bachelor of Music degree (cum laude) from Temple University.  Other  influential  teachers include David Cramer, Associate Principal Flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and Mark Sparks, Principal Flute of the St. Louis Symphony.

Lisamarie has studied, cultivated and honed her musical craft for over 35 years and her work is both unique and broad based. Her distinguished career as performer, recording artist, and teacher has included solo, chamber, ethnic, and orchestral performances in such diverse places as Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Michigan, South Dakota, Maine, Canada, Great Britain, India, Türkiye, South Africa and the Mid-Atlantic area.

In 2010, Lisamarie Released Unimagined Bridges...Fountain of Consciousness, a CD featuring a commissioned work by Andrea Clearfield for silver flute and Native American flutes called Unimagined Bridges.   The CD also includes pieces by James DeMars, Gary Schocker, Katherine Hoover, R. Carlos Nakai, and Earth Meditations by Lisamarie McGrath.  

In 2007, Lisamarie released The Colors Fall, a beautiful double-CD of 20th century classical flute music featuring works by Copland, Bloch, Ibert, Hoover, Hindemith, DeMars, Saint-Saëns, Roussel, Ravel, and Debussy.

Her following recordings were featured on the program Now is the Time, Philadelphia’s WRTI live radio broadcast: November 28, 2010, Crow Wing, by James DeMars. March 24, 2013, Out of Doors Duet, by Gary Shocker. September 20, 2014, Whirlwinds Dancing by R. Carlos Nakai.

Lisamarie’s honors include being a winner of the National Flute Association’s Orchestral Audition Masterclass Competition in 1991 with Leone Buyse.  She won the 1991 Pottstown Symphony Young Artists Concerto Competition and performed the Cimarosa Concerto in A Major for two Flutes with the Pottstown Symphony.  Lisamarie also won the Fort Collins Young Artist Concerto Competition, Junior Division, in 1983. 

Utilizing the healing powers of music has been an integral part of Lisamarie's life.  She has worked as a music therapist for the Ken Crest Centers of Philadelphia.  Her interaction with special needs children there and the miraculous healing and growth they displayed through shared musical experiences was deeply touching.  While in South Africa, Lisamarie gave music therapies and empowerment meditations to over 125 children living at the Botshabelo Orphanage, altering her life as well as the lives of the beautiful children living at Botshabelo.  Her captivating performances for Elders in nursing homes, private homes and in hospitals as well as in sacred ceremonies and Sound Journeys have been both healing and deeply touching.  

Currently residing “In the Heart of Being” a.k.a. wherever the Sacred Drift flows, Lisamarie’s other interests include running, biking, photography, cooking, reading, gardening, being environmentally active, and making a difference in the communities she “Drifts” through.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! Namaste! Ubuntu!

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